About the School

The mission of Hardison Mill School is to equip children and parents in our community and around the world with the values, skills, and education necessary to live well, love well, and be a shining light to the world.


Our goal is to provide a rich, well rounded academic setting using a variety of techniques and curriculum, where mentoring and apprenticeships encourage real life practical learning with emphasis on character building in addition to traditional academic learning. 

2020 Harvest Dinner

The 3rd annual Harvest Dinner held Oct. 3rd, 2020 was a huge success. Tickets SOLD OUT and thanks to generous supporters and attendees, we had a successful auction and fundraiser event. You can watch the TV special that aired on RFD-TV here.

Our Supporters

"What an awesome schoolhouse teaching LIFE. We should all have been so blessed to have a start in a place like this!"

Brenda Grubb