Frequently asked questions

Can my child attend Hardison Mill Homestead School?

Any child in the appropriate age range for can apply. We are a very small
school with a limited number of openings. Acceptance is based on many factors
including, but not limited to how far you live from our school, parent interview, child interview,
and your child’s level of needs.

Is there a monthly tuition?

There is a monthly tuition per student that covers a small portion of the school's needs. The majority of support for the school comes from donations.

Are there any other fees we should know about?

There is a $35 applicaction fee per child to apply at Hardison Mill Homestead School.

What is the application process?

Simply complete the online application and submit along with the application fee.

Is Hardison Mill Hometead School a public school?

No, we are a small, private farm school with an emphasis on “hands on” practical learning.

What is your governing organization?

We are members of the Tennessee Association of Non-Public Academic Schools, also refered to as TANAS. For more information visit

How can I support Hardison Mill Schoolhouse?

There are many ways you can support our efforts at Hardison Mill Schoolhouse. From large or small financial donations to prayers, all support is welcome and appreciated.
Our desire is to be a blessing to our community and provide a non traditional learning
experience to local children of all socioeconomic backgrounds. There are many families in
our area who can not afford the expense of private schooling. We are very prayerful that our
efforts to make a difference for our children, their families, our community, and the world will
be supported by those of you who believe in our vision. Our hope is to be able to establish
endowments that will assist with tuition for those children who would otherwise never have
these opportunities. If you would like to help establish an endowment for one or more of our
children, please click here. (add button - Establish an endowment).

Is your school associated with any particular denomination?

No. While we are Christians and we include prayer and discuss our faith in the classroom
everyday, we welcome all children of any faith. Our goal is to provide an education where
there is a heavy emphasis on building character and developing good, loving, and caring

What curriculum do you use?

We use a mixture of different curriculum including The Good and The Beautiful, however,
a large portion of our curriculum is developed and planned ourselves. We believe this
approach will allow us the freedom to stay true to our vision for hands on practice learning.