Baby Chick LIVE Hatch CAM

It's spring and the students are working to share a unique view into the hatching of our baby chicks. The cam will stream live for approximately one week from April 12th until the eggs hatch and then we will continue to document their early days of life. We hope this little glimpse of our homesteading world helps show folks a little about what the kids are learning here at Hardison Mill Homestead School. 


Once the babies hatch, they'll be moved to a special warm brooding pen that is kept at 95 F. They'll stay there for a while to regulate their body temperatures before joining the rest of the chickens on the farm. Follow along on on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and news about their progress. 

The One Room Schoolhouse LIVE Project

From early September, through late October, 2020... the schoolhouse left one chair and desk empty for all the millions of kids that weren't able to attend school in person. We hosted a live broadcast from the classroom for one hour each morning on Facebook and YouTube, as well as on RFD-TV. You can watch all the episodes on our YouTube page, so please follow us there at @HardisonMillHomesteadSchool.



Watch all daily episodes BELOW or on  YouTube here.

You can also watch via cable television on RFD-TV. *Find RFD-TV in your area visit or subscribe on-demand worldwide at