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RFD-TV News Program -

The One Room Schoolhouse

Reporter Tammi Arender produced a story Hardison Mill Homestead School's project "The One Room Schoolhouse" during the annual Harvest Dinner fundraiser. 


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One Room Schoolhouse series takes students to the farm

Jay Powell from the Columbia Daily Herald published an article about how the school began broadcasting one-hour segments of its daily classes. 


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This Life I Live -

Episode 3: "The Harvest"

This is the story of the one-room schoolhouse that Rory and the community came together to build for his daughter, Indiana, and lots of other little ones who go to school there.


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The amazing way Rory Feek sent his daughter off to school... inspired by Joey

The walk we took to school this morning was an easy three-minute journey across the driveway at our farm in Tennessee.


Rory Feek’s love story turns heartbreak into legacy of learning

Sometimes a story takes a turn you weren’t expecting, but in the end leads to a beautiful conclusion you never could have dreamed, or that it could touch so many lives.